Strip Show

Strip show includes a combination of erotic and exotic dance during which the performer, with accompanying music, partially or completely takes off his clothes. In addition to dancing, the performers interact with the guests to ensure that no moment of your celebration is boring and monotonous. The show is enchanting, but discreet because the intensity of the show itself depends on you and your wishes. For the needs of the performance, we perform in various costumes – police officers, firefighters, doctors, soldiers and gentlemen.

Recommended due to the attractiveness of the show program: up to 20 guests = 1 stripper

How Do We Work?

  1. Precise agreement with the event organizer.
  2. Professional performance of agreed services.
  3. Outgoing photography for posts on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

After the performance, we will send you a thank you note and ask for feedback / praise of our performance in order to be even better in the future.

In return, we give you a gift voucher of 10% for all our services in the current year.

Additional Information:

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When doing a calculation of the cost of transportation, multiply by 2 ..departure + return.

If you are satisfied with our offer and the approximate cost of performance and transportation, please fill in other information for the offer / invoice.

Offer / Invoice Information:

For all inquiries, give us a call or send us an email.