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If you haven’t heard, we’ve announced a competition for new Strippers and Topless Waiters who were to join the team in early March, the year of the two thousand and seventeen. The advertisement of the mysterious agency attracted a lot of attention among students and the unemployed ”MEP”. After realizing that the Strippers were wanted, many were ridiculed and insulted, while women were mostly celebrated.

Dear wives, you have rightly celebrated! Although our ads were taken down from the internet, ripped from the poles, spat at, and ridiculed, we managed to find our way to the hearts of our candidates.

We received a large number of inquiries.

After the candidates received instructions, completed all interviews and preparations, a one-month training began. Our choreographer #Neven worked hard to turn a bunch of muscular statues into sensual, sexy dancing Strippers.

We would like to thank #Neven once again! ❤️

After the initial dance education, a long-awaited audition followed. Candidates were given the task to create their own choreography with musical background and costume and present it to an expert jury composed of Big Boss a.k.a Big Boss, Little Boss a.k.a Bossy and two senior members a.k.a Legendary Duo a.k.a Diego and Adam.

Some successfully, and some unsuccessfully, the candidates ‘male’ auditioned. Some were ‘eaten’ by the porch, and some ate it. Not to lengthen, the three auditioned. Their nicknames are Zyzzi, Marvel and Borg.


This way, we once again congratulate the passers-by and wish them a warm welcome to the group!

Candidates who did not pass will have the opportunity to re-enter the competition which we will announce A.S.A.P.! Until then, all those interested can apply and leave us contact and photos at:


We are pleasantly surprised by the number of registered candidates. This tells us that the awareness of strippers is changing in society. We hope that the positive course of expanding our horizons will continue and that we will finally be looked at as we see ourselves.

Shoo stereotypes and prejudices.

Among our ranks are guys of different profiles … from the father of two children through a friend from BiH to a superduper talented dancer – and they are much more than the well-built shaved monkeys in thongs!

Super motivated, we embark on a campaign for performances for Women’s Day and are ready to enter the #season!

Follow our latest performances, photos, videos and more at:



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–  In case of cancellation by the Client within 7-1 days before the event: we do not refund the advance payment.

–  In case of cancellation by the Organizer within 7-1 days before the event: refund of 100% of the funds paid.