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Girls Show

Need a performer and / or model for a less glamorous fashion show, brand promotion, distribution of promotional materials, a host in a store, an exhibition assistant?
You are in the right place!

Our performers and models work in costume, or naked to the waist. With or without a mask.

Appearance is what we first notice in a person, but erotic energy is needed to feel attractive. We can all agree that the MEP team has all the necessary characteristics to gain attention. With their sculpted bodies, sensual movements and looks, the performers will attract everyone’s attention.

After all, everyone is allowed to watch and thus satisfy the fantasies we often keep to ourselves…


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When doing a calculation of the cost of transportation, multiply by 2 ..departure + return.

If you are satisfied with our offer and the approximate cost of performance and transportation, please fill in other information for the offer / invoice.

Offer / Invoice Information:

For all inquiries, give us a call or send us an email.


Agency “Performer Studio” issues an offer for the organization of events. Advance payment according to the financial offer, depending on the selected package, is paid to the bank account number HR9123400091110762275. Payment will be made no later than 7 days after the bid is issued.


–  In case of cancellation by the Client within 7-1 days before the event: we do not refund the advance payment.

–  In case of cancellation by the Organizer within 7-1 days before the event: refund of 100% of the funds paid.