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We’ve all wondered at least once: What should I do for my next birthday? And also, we all know how it ends in the end: you treat your friends, sip, eat a cake and go once more secretly to see what kind of gifts you received. It’s all a bit boring already, but it’s worth it. We’ll help you refresh that old birthday recipe with fun ‘diy’ ideas. We bring you a few examples of ‘diy’ decorations for decorating a space to enchant all the guests and a couple of recipes for those who like to ingest alcohol through food as well. We are sure that these ideas will help you create a birthday party that will be talked about!

 1. Let there be light! – Ping Pong lights 

The first thing guests will notice at the entrance is the atmosphere evoked by the lighting. Treat them to eye rest with these beautiful warm-yellow balls of light. See instructions.

2. Confetti in balloons 

One big balloon or more small ones – it’s your choice! This cheap little thing looks great and is easy to make. Read instructions!

 3. Cups

Grab a dye and make beautiful delicate cups by doing this!

 4. Silk paper ornaments

You can find Tissue paper in all Hobby art stores. It is customizable so it can be used to make a variety of decorations. Read one of the ideas!

 5. Giant candles

Make huge candles and paint them as you wish. For a real ‘glam’ birthday, we advise you to sprinkle them with sequins of various colors. Be creative – Read the basic instructions.

 6. A gleaming tablecloth

You can really do anything with confetti! Even though you need a backbone it won’t cost you much. All you still need is glue and you can work wonders. Read the instructions!

 7. A little more confetti!

Refresh large areas like walls with confetti. Also, you can invent an inscription and print it on the wall using confetti. Read the instructions!

And now, the food!

Check out the recipes for typical birthday meals – From savory snacks to ‘drunk’ cakes. Whether you are a chocolate lover or a fruit lover, we have put together a selection of several ‘by us’ most delicious cakes (with the addition of alcohol).

First, delicious pizza snacks. Read the recipe!

After that, a warm up with famous ‘cupcakes’…

For strawberry lovers and Margarita cocktails – INSTRUCTIONS.

For the fans of “Sex And The City” and popular Cosmopolitan drink- INSTRUCTIONS.

And finally, a fruit and chocolate ‘drunk’ cake…

 1. Gin&Tonic Lime cake

2. Chocolate red wine cake

It takes a lot of effort to create the perfect atmosphere, but it pays off. When you’ve made it all, baked it and mashed it invite one of our sexy and cuddly Topless waiters to help you out with decorations and serving drinks. On a woman’s birthday they will surely be the ‘icing on the cake’!

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