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Big, epic parties require big, epic planning! It takes crazy organization, a couple of monkey ladies and expert advice.

MEPs entertain at girls ’parties throughout our beautiful country and region. After 5 years, we know how to prepare a crazy and dynamic girl. At home, in a club or wherever you want! You assemble the team and we will help you with the rest.

Whether you are a future bride, godmother, best friend or any of the guests, we have the resources to help you start a party.

We have put together a plan that is fun, original and easy to follow. Find the best ideas for girl fun, games that aren’t punched, the best DIY tips and more.


One of the sweetest aspects of a party is building excitement. Start by shaving the girls that you will make the craziest girl ever. As they say, thoughts become reality … Also, you can build excitement by sending funny GIFs and links from FB, in a group on Whatsapp before a big day, night or weekend.

Send them the gif of a hot MEP and open that topic, khm, adult parties.

Looking for games for a girl that aren’t boring? How about this throwing game ******. We’re kidding, but it would be interesting to send it to a group and see who might be really interested in games like that.

That’s all for now!

In the next post: – 10 steps for the best Bachelorette party ever!

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