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Organization, organization and a little more organization! Whether you’re a control-freak godmother or a phlegmatic best friend, these 10 steps will help you lay the groundwork for the best girl ever. Keep up the pace, add a little imagination and creativity and you won’t go wrong!

1. Guests

Parties for a couple of closest friends vs. for 20 savage women the circumstances are very different. Your team is everything – when you know who is coming, the plan can run more relaxed. Tip: Check which guests are there to help and facilitate your organization, and which ones just came to have fun.

2. Budget

If the bride only knew that you would have to do math for her girl, uh!

To estimate your budget, decide how much money you want to spend per person, then multiply that number by the number of guests and divide the product into categories like food and drink, props, costumes, balloons, decorations, gift bags and strippers.

3. Theme

You can go with a classic pink theme or be a little more creative. Try with the youth’s favorite color, the color of the season, or with the theme of the destination where the girl is being held. Be decisive about the topic, it can greatly affect the look of the space and the overall entertainment experience.

4. Location

If you really can’t afford the whole lineup going to Las Vegas, get the best out of the area. Think open-minded – clubs, wellness, bowling, rented space, fun at home, limousine … The choice is great!

5. Food & Drinks

Start with foods that you know the bride adores, and the rest of the team wouldn’t mind having to eat – consider what dishes can be made with those foods without breaking the budget. A simple main course, cake or dessert and the inevitable appetizer is all you need. And of course, don’t forget the booze.

6. Time

Reduce the stress and hustle and bustle around cooking and shopping with super organization platforms like e.g. and You can also use them for a general organization, such as a list of groceries and booze, a list of guests, etc. Imagine what it was like for our great-grandmothers to plan a bachelorette party: D.

7. Games

Good games – a successful girl. On the internet you can find bunch of games for girls with accompanying props. You probably already know which games are punched, so try to be creative and daring. If you know the guests well, you know what they would like and what would be boring or ‘too much’.

8. Invitations

Send invitations 4-6 weeks in advance and list any special instructions you have imagined. You can play and be mysterious – don’t reveal the place of the party, but hint at the topic and it builds excitement.

9. Stage

Consider a place where guests will leave bags, jackets and things for sleepover . Put food and drink in a comfortable and cool place. Fill the space with balloons, props and decorations. Find a place in the space where you will take group photos and decorate it especially, make sure that the lighting is good for selfies.

10. YOU!

Remember, after the bride – YOU are the queen of the evening. You could say that you are a princess :). Include time in your organization for your cleaning and make-up. Try to carry out the whole plan with joy and pleasure, so you will reduce the amount of stress, and you will look better. Don’t forget to go crazy and have fun!

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